Selected works not yet published


For Piano

Three Pieces upon a Greek Theme (Seikilos-Song)
1. Dream of Seikilos
2. Barcarolle
3. Valse

Three Sketches upon the "Delphi-Hymn to Apoll"
1. Hymn
2. Oracle of Delphi
3. Dance-Scene

Five Hungarian Folk-Songs


For Piano left-Hand and Brass

Genesis for Piano left-Hand and 3 Tr., 2 Horns, 2 Pos., Tuba


Two Piano 4-Hands

Wiener Hofball-Musik (after the "Sonatina in G" by L. v. Beethoven with a free composed second Piano-Part)



Easy Piano Pieces upon Hungarian Themes (w. Cello)


Piano three-Hands

2 Waltzes Op.39 No.3, 15 after Joh. Brahms


Violin and Piano

The second Spring (Waltz)


Double-Bass and Piano

Rhapsodie (dedicated to Mr. Hartmut Gessinger)


For Trumpet and Organ




Leopold Meyer (1816-1883): Meyer-Polka

M. Mussorgsky: In the Crim



J.S. Bach: Sonatina from the Cantata "Actus tragicus" for  4 Tr., Horn, 4 Pos., Tuba

I. Horvath-Thomas: Partita for 4 tr., Horn, 4 Pos., Tuba
1. The Prophecies of Nostradamus
2. Capriccio
3. Valse


Organ and Brass

Solemnity-Ouverture for Organ and Brass-Quintet

Genesis for Organ and 2 Tr., 2 Horns, 2 Pos., Tuba

The second Spring (Waltz)


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